Thursday, August 29, 2013

College Football Picks, Week #1

Again, I got started with Facebook stuff in the busy Summer of All Stars, and neglected the blog. However, I love to record my College Football Picks. This season, I plan on picking 7 games and 3 straight up "upset" picks. So, that's 10 picks a week. In no order, the 7 picks are: Ohio State -35 vs Buffalo Ohio State is very good on both sides of the ball and Urban Meyer will not call off the dogs. I think they'll run the score up. Bama -20 vs Va Tech The Hokies have taken a step backwards. I don't see them as being very stable. They have to play Nick Saban. That's bad for them. Mississippi State + 12.5 vs Oklahoma State I think the Bulldogs will play physical and tough, and just be good enough to lose a close game on a big stage at a neurtal site. Gimme 12.5 points and I'll take them. UGA -1.5 vs Clemson I see this game as a 42-28 win for Georgia. Both teams have great offenses and unproven defenses. UGA's ability to run the ball and control the game will make the difference. I'll give up the 1.5 points. Louisville -21 vs Ohio Louisiville has a legitimately good team, with a dynamic offfense. They can't afford any hiccups because their schedule is pillow soft. Their QB is a potential Heisman candidate. That adds up to the Cardinal throwing early and often against the Bobcats. BYU -1 vs Virginia This has the potential to be a close game. I think BYU always over delivers. They play smart football. They may not have the best athletes, but the ones they have are all in the mid 20s due to going on mission trips. Virginia should win a game like this if they were a stable program. They aren't. I think BYU wins..maybe even comfortably. Giving up 1 points seems like taking candy from a baby. Arkansas -10.5 vs La Lafayette Arkansas isn't that far removed from being a top team in the SEC. They have a new coach, who will want to make a name for himself with physical play in his opener. I think he'll want to make a statement at home. I think he'll do so. Now the upset picks. Doing this is hard this week because their are so many lopsided games. I'll take Boise State over Washington, California over Northwestern, and Tulsa over Bowling Green.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On 2nd thought...I'll reveal them all at once...

I'm going to run through the list.  I don't have the patience to drag it out. 
Any comments are welcome and will be answered....Debates are also encouraged.  It's possible I forgot someone.  I put comments where I thought explanation might be needed.

Sometimes, my heart over ruled my head...sometimes, I stuck with my ratings.  It wasn't easy.

Here is my list of the Top 20 Pro Wrestlers of All Time....again, it's my list.  I limited it to wrestlers I enjoyed watching and who I respected somewhat.

Honorable Mention:  Ted Dibiase  (he was funny, could talk, and was a good performer)

#20  Mr. Wrestling #2  (Iconic look, smoother performer)

#19  Abdullah The Butcher (Icon)

#18  Andre The Giant (Icon)

#17  Kurt Angle  (he could talk well and was funny, extra points for being legitimate, put on a good show)

#16  Goldberg (quit early because he didn't want to be turned into a bad role model for kids in the performer and good look).

#15  Bam Bam Bigelow (iconic look, tough, innovative for a big man to do high flying moves)

#14  Rob Van Damme (as entertaining as anyone, very innovative, under rated, good look.)

#13  Big Poppa Pump (extra points for look, legit wrestler)

#12  Kane  (big, bad, smart, very funny...stays prominent despite having to job a lot)

#11  The Rock (hilarious, good performer and talker)

#10  Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love (looked like a sack of crap....he over came it)

#9   Steve Austin (hilarious, good performer and talker, innovative with catch phrases/shirts)

#8  Superstar Billy Graham (extra points for being innovative, he was copied by a lot of people)

#7  Dusty Rhodes (a legend, funny, loves to talk, good performer)

#6  Steven Regal (hilarious, good wrestler, good talker, very smart, good technique, British)

#5  Jake the Snake Roberts (the best talker in the business, invented the DDT)

#4  Randy Savage  (Icon, wild look, great performer)

#3 The Nature Boy Ric Flair (if he doesn't retire again, he's going to start to slip on this list). 

#2  Ravishing Ric Rude (extra points for "look", stayed a heel longer than anyone on this list)

#1  Rowdy Roddy Piper

(he's been too funny, too smart, too tough, too successful, too good at putting on a show, too good with the fans, too much of a party animal, to NOT have him #1.  He created Hulk Hogan because he made everyone hate Roddy Piper.   As for the "look"....leather jacket and a kilt.  Innovation?  He helped create the show within a show idea...Piper's Pit.  He attacked Cyndi Lauper back when she was big time.  He starred in one of my top 20 favorite movies. He admitted to taking a dive for Mr. T.   He was a smart, funny, strong, eloquent cocaine snorting Christian.  He's still with us today)

I had almost 50 people on this list before I started rating them.  I believe only 4 of these wrestlers are deceased....Andre The Giant, Bam Bam Bigelow, Randy Savage, Ric Rude).

If all these wrestlers were in a battle royal, I would find myself pulling for Steven Regal or Kane. 

My Top 20 professional rasslers of all time

I've been a little overwhelmed with baseball this Summer.  I've gone back to ignoring the old blog.  I've got to stop this.

I have, in my spare time over the last 2 weeks, developed and finalized my personal (drum roll, please).......


I thought of every wrestler I liked or respected at all, and painstakingly rated them on several different categories.  I eliminated several "popular" wrestlers because I had no personal interest in them....(eg. Hogan, Sting, The Undertaker)   Also, I eliminated great wrestlers from the past who I never really watched wrestle (eg.  Lou Thesz, Georgeous George, Hackenschmidt etc.). 

Basically, the scope is limited to MY personal experience watching "rasslin". 

I'll unveil them one at a time for awhile. 

I don't expect too many people to read this or give a rip, but I'm doing this for personal reasons.  I love to rate things and make lists....and wrestling was a big part of my entertainment growing up.   Even though I don't watch it any more, the memories are there.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yes, I know I have 3 kids

Forgive me.  I know my reboot of this blog has been very "Collins centric".   I started it during the final stretch of the baseball season, so it was at the forefront of my mind.

I'll begin to spread around the subjects a little bit more.

Oh, by the way.....

Collins hit an inside the park home run in the championship game.  They won 11-10.

  He finished his 6U rec league career with a record of 36-6-1, including a #1 finish this year and a runner up the season before.  They finished 3rd in his first season.
Of course, it's a team game.  He has been on some great teams and has had great coaches. 

The All Star season starts tomorrow night, on Nana's birthday. 
Go Canes...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So far, so good (I have some parental bragging to do)

I want to acknowledge what's been going on with the kids here at the end of the year.   This is supposed to be informative, but may sound like bragging.  I'm very proud of them.

The awards day at school has been going great.   Grace won more awards than she has ever won before.  She won an award for Music, and for Art.   She also won an award for having all A's and B's all  year.
She got a medal for her work in the gymnastic class, too.

 Collins got an award for having the Biggest Heart, which is my favorite that he he has ever won...well, maybe a close second to the watermelon seed spitting contest he won in preschool. 

Speaking of winning, Collins' team won their 3rd round playoff game against the Giants.  Collins went 2-3 with a double and a run scored, but even better than that, he played great defense.  He got at least 4 outs when he was playing 3rd, including the great throw he made to 2nd base. Defense has always been a weak point.  Collins is a good hitter, but it was nice to see him flashing the leather, too.

Collins has the championship game tonight.  His end of the season party is tomorrow.  He has an All Star scrimmage Thursday.  He has his first All Star game Friday night in a tournament, and he has 2 more games on Saturday.  I hope he loves baseball more than ever after this....hopefully, it won't backfire and make him hate it.

Hobgood Braves vs Hobgood Mets tonight.

If the Mets play like I saw them play yesterday, we're going to be in trouble.   We played the best defensive game of the year yesterday in order to beat the Giants.  We need that same type of game tonight. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playoffs....the final frontier

Well, Collins' team made it through to the 3rd round of the playoffs.  They won a rough game against the Rockies, 10-9.  Today's game was rained out, so they have to play tomorrow NIGHT at 7pm.  If they win, they have to turn around and play on Tuesday. You can't tell how the kids are going to perform on a week day game.  Hopefully, they won't all be worn out from school. 

The All Star team just had their team pictures last Saturday.  I believe they may have a tournament game as soon as this next weekend.  There isn't going to be a break. 

With the games rained out, the girls went shopping.  That left us boy at home.  We rented the Star Trek movie (the 2009 remake).  It was Collins' first time watching anything Star Trek.  He seemed to like it, I was a little surprised he made it all the way through the movie.  I had to fast-forward through Cpt. Kirk trying to score with an alien.

I was almost Collins' age when I saw The Wrath of Khan in the theater. 

We might go to see the new one in the theater.

I showed a few minutes of a goofy Star Trek show from the 1960s.  Collins' laughed when Abraham Lincoln showed up in space.  I was cringing. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Collins' 6 yr old season.

Well, it's playoff time again!!

The 6 yr old Hobgood Braves finished in 2nd place.   They were #1 almost all year, but they lost the penultimate game of the regular season, which was against the #2 Mets. The game was rained out 2 times, and was finally played during the week last week when Collins was out sick.  Obviously, Collins is the straw that stirs the drink.

Now, it's playoff time. 

The Braves get a 1st round bye.

In the 2nd round, they'll play against the winner of the Rockies/Phillies game being played this week.
If they win that, they'll play the 3rd round game on Sunday...quite possibly against his old coaches and the Giants.

Win that, and the championship game is on Monday.   I gotta tell you, I'm sick to my stomach nervous already.

After that game, the season is over and we will direct focus onto the All Star team.  It will be good for us parents, since we've gone into baseball withdrawals after each of the last 2 seasons have ended.

The season next fall will have to move up to the softball fields, because Hobgood is renovating the baseball fields.  Spring 2014, we'll be back at the baseball fields, on the 7 yr old field this time.

I gotta tell you, it's going to be sad saying goodbye to the 6 yr old field.  I know I can turn anything sad, but it's hard not to get nostalgic when you are having so much fun with like minded people, and your kids are growing up.

Collins' teams have an all time record of 33-6-1.  He missed 2 games due to illness, one was a win 2 seasons ago against the Yankees, and then the loss last week against the Mets. 

He finished 3rd in his first season, and 2nd last season....and now the playoffs this season.  Can they finish strong and become champions???

We will see...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not to bash Tebow....but

Tim Tebow, despite the fact that he is a freaking gator, is a tremendous role model.  He is a smart, loving, athletic, motivated Christian who places his faith in Jesus and isn't afraid to admit it.

However, I'm hearing a lot of sympathy for him because he's not in the NFL. 

Not to pile on, but it's all his fault.

I know he wants to be a starting QB, but there are only 32 men doing that in the entire world.  I don't think he's been given a fair chance either, but he could be in the NFL right now if he would accept another position.   I would be thrilled for Tebow to be a Falcon if they would hire him as a fullback, H Back, wham back, goal line QB, etc.  

He won't do that.  His PRIDE is getting in the way.  I know he is trusting GOD to lead him, and that's what he needs to do. 

I don't feel sorry for him, though.  Maybe GOD is teaching him humility.  If he wants to play football, and leads to sign up to be a player and quit waiting on a QB position. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Collins Turns 7

Huge day today.  I went to Collins' school today for his birthday.  When I came home, we went to Chili's for this birthday.  We had birthday cookie cake and presents when we made it back home.

His teacher told me a story about one of his classmates losing some money that he was going to use to buy a bracelet for a fund raiser.  Collins comforted him and let him have HIS bracelet.  I am more proud of that than I was him making an all star team.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Atlanta Falcons 2013 draft analysis and way too early projections

Unlike most of the years I've been a Falcons fan, these days I can breathe a little easier knowing that "grown ups" are in charge.  We are a well run franchise....who'd a thunk it??

I wasn't thrilled with the Stephen Jackson signing....just because I wanted money spent on defense.  I'm delighted that he's on the team, now that the die is cast.  We certainly needed a running back, I've just seen so many middle round draft picks at running back be very successful.  However, he's a specimen who is a leader, and he wants to win so badly that he opted out of the last year of a 7 million dollar contract with the Rams, so that he could sign with us for $4 million a year.  I like that.
Add the resigning of Tony Gonzalez, and the plan for the 2013 season is obvious.....we plan on scoring 38 points a game and hoping the defense can allow themselves to get run over slowly.  Truth is, we just want a defense that does not give up big plays and maybe gets a couple of turnovers. 

We signed Osi Umenyora (I know that's not how it's spelled, but I don't feel like looking it up) for a defensive end....I'm OK with that.  We needed a body there.  We might wind up resigning John Abraham at a discount.  We'll see.

We cut Dunta Robinson and Tyson Clabo.   The last one surprised me, but I think we were trying to make cap space.

Alright....on to the draft.   We needed cornerbacks and defensive ends, in my opinion.  We also needed a project tight end, and a defensive tackle would be nice.

1st round...we traded up 8 spots to select CB Desmond Trufant.   He is universally regarding as a can't miss player...and it was at a glaring weakness.   I've read that we gave up a lot to get him, but the Vikings took a corners a few picks later, and the Patriots wound up trading down after the elite ones were, trading up was a smart move.

2nd round...we stayed put and drafted CB Robert Alford...He's a fast CB who is also a kick returner.   He was tackled by Trufant on a kick return in the Senior Bowl.....small world.   Mel Kiper thought he was a late 1st rd candidate, so it appears to be good value.

4th round....we picked up a Clemson defensive end Malliciah Goodman.  He wasn't very productive, but appears to be a genetic freak who can hold down the left end position. He has extremely long arms and 11 inch hands...for what's that's worth.   Maybe he'll grow with NFL coaching.  We also drafted a tight end from Stanford, Levine Toilolo.   He's 6-8.  That's a good place to start.  He needs to grow into the position, I think.  He looks kinda lean...but he's 6-8, after all.   A year playing behind Tony Gonzalez can't hurt.

We added a pass run specialist at defensive end in the 5th rd...Stansly Maponga.  I think he's a rotational player on passing downs.

We closed with a couple of safeties...Kemal Ishmael and Zeke Motta, and a QB from Duke, Sean Renfree.  Apparently Motta is supposed to be a steal...he ran a horrible 40 time at the combine and his draft stock plummeted.   He could just be over rated because he played for Notre Dame.  That's why they think he's a steal.  Who knows?  The QB is intriguing.  He is a sleeper.  Maybe he'll grow into a great backup, and future trade fodder.  It's obvious Matt Ryan ain't going any where.

I saw 6 different draft ratings.  Kiper gave us a B.  3 other sites gave us B's.  1 site gave us a A, and one gave us a C+.

I'm sure our rating was hurt by not having a 3rd round pick.  In my opinion, we addressed most of the needs.  I would have liked a better DE and another defensive tackle, but you can't have super stars everywhere.   Our fortunes this year depend on the following:

  • avoiding injury
  • inexperienced offensive line stepping up
  • young corner backs playing great
We have several undrafted free agents I forgot to mention...none of them will probably crack the starting line up.  If they do, they are either wonderful surprises, or we have major problems.

One more note about the offensive line....I think the right side of our offensive line will be Konz, Reynolds, and Lamar Holmes.   There is a lot of inexperience there.  I hope they can put it together.

Our schedule looks hard, but we could get off to a good start.   The Dolphins are really improved, from what I read. 

We could split our divisional games, and lose to the Patriots, Packers, Seahawks, and 49ers.   Those are all losable games.  That would put us 9-7.   So, that's my worst case scenario.   Perhaps we can sweep a divisional rival (Bucs, maybe), and put down either the Patriots or Seahawks (both those games are at home).   I would take 11-5 and another NFC South Division Championship.   Get into the playoffs, and anything is possible.

One final note....Stansly Maponga is very fun to say.   Try it.   I hope he makes the team.

This weekend was....

This weekend was pretty busy.  I was very proud of the kids.
The two big kids ran in a 1 mile fun run at school, and stayed late playing with friends and watching the movie presented out in the fields...Wreck in Ralph.  Collins had a game on Saturday, and then a late practice.

We failed to go to church, but we really didn't do anything of note anyway.  It was POURING outside.  Apparently, north Georgia has turned into the "Land of Eternal Rain".   Kristin and I (mostly her) worked on a blog that we set up for the Hobgood Hurricanes All Star team.  I'll link to it at some point.  We're using it as a fund raiser to raise money for the team to attend tournaments.

The night ended with Gracie and Collins asking a barrage of theological questions...which I answered fairly well, although they were thinking of their next question instead of listening to my answers.  

I have a quick breakdown of the Falcons draft picks, but I'll do it in another post.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picking up the pieces

I blogged for years.  

I blogged for years.  I enjoyed the outlet.  I love to communicate.  I used it record and document...everything.  When started to Facebook, I blogged less.  When the newness wore off of Facebook, I didn't blog with the same fervor.   I was busy at work, busy at home...after 'facebooking", I was kinda done communicating for the day.  

I decided last year to hit the blog again.  I was horrified to see that it had been deleted.  I still don't know why...maybe it was inactivity.  All those memories of the kids...funny things they said and did over the years....they are all gone.  I'll never remember all of them.  It kinda sucks.

I didn't feel like restarting it, so I didn't restart it. 

It hit me the other day that the kids are still doing things that I want to share with everyone.  Baby Jack is 2 years old, and he's adorable.  He's hilarious.  He's a pain in the rear end.

Grace will turn double digits this year, and may take up running cross country.   Collins just made an all star team.  Kristin and I moved.  Petunia passed away.   There is a lot of stuff that has happened since the last time blogged.

All that, in addition to everything else in the world, made me want to take up blogging again. 

Therefore.....ta da.   I'm restarting the GLOC.

I already made my first mistake.  I should have called it GLOC #2.

Dang.   Well.....I'm not going to start it over again so soon.

I'll just call it the GLOC #2