Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playoffs....the final frontier

Well, Collins' team made it through to the 3rd round of the playoffs.  They won a rough game against the Rockies, 10-9.  Today's game was rained out, so they have to play tomorrow NIGHT at 7pm.  If they win, they have to turn around and play on Tuesday. You can't tell how the kids are going to perform on a week day game.  Hopefully, they won't all be worn out from school. 

The All Star team just had their team pictures last Saturday.  I believe they may have a tournament game as soon as this next weekend.  There isn't going to be a break. 

With the games rained out, the girls went shopping.  That left us boy at home.  We rented the Star Trek movie (the 2009 remake).  It was Collins' first time watching anything Star Trek.  He seemed to like it, I was a little surprised he made it all the way through the movie.  I had to fast-forward through Cpt. Kirk trying to score with an alien.

I was almost Collins' age when I saw The Wrath of Khan in the theater. 

We might go to see the new one in the theater.

I showed a few minutes of a goofy Star Trek show from the 1960s.  Collins' laughed when Abraham Lincoln showed up in space.  I was cringing. 

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