Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So far, so good (I have some parental bragging to do)

I want to acknowledge what's been going on with the kids here at the end of the year.   This is supposed to be informative, but may sound like bragging.  I'm very proud of them.

The awards day at school has been going great.   Grace won more awards than she has ever won before.  She won an award for Music, and for Art.   She also won an award for having all A's and B's all  year.
She got a medal for her work in the gymnastic class, too.

 Collins got an award for having the Biggest Heart, which is my favorite that he he has ever won...well, maybe a close second to the watermelon seed spitting contest he won in preschool. 

Speaking of winning, Collins' team won their 3rd round playoff game against the Giants.  Collins went 2-3 with a double and a run scored, but even better than that, he played great defense.  He got at least 4 outs when he was playing 3rd, including the great throw he made to 2nd base. Defense has always been a weak point.  Collins is a good hitter, but it was nice to see him flashing the leather, too.

Collins has the championship game tonight.  His end of the season party is tomorrow.  He has an All Star scrimmage Thursday.  He has his first All Star game Friday night in a tournament, and he has 2 more games on Saturday.  I hope he loves baseball more than ever after this....hopefully, it won't backfire and make him hate it.

Hobgood Braves vs Hobgood Mets tonight.

If the Mets play like I saw them play yesterday, we're going to be in trouble.   We played the best defensive game of the year yesterday in order to beat the Giants.  We need that same type of game tonight. 

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