Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My Top 20 professional rasslers of all time

I've been a little overwhelmed with baseball this Summer.  I've gone back to ignoring the old blog.  I've got to stop this.

I have, in my spare time over the last 2 weeks, developed and finalized my personal (drum roll, please).......


I thought of every wrestler I liked or respected at all, and painstakingly rated them on several different categories.  I eliminated several "popular" wrestlers because I had no personal interest in them....(eg. Hogan, Sting, The Undertaker)   Also, I eliminated great wrestlers from the past who I never really watched wrestle (eg.  Lou Thesz, Georgeous George, Hackenschmidt etc.). 

Basically, the scope is limited to MY personal experience watching "rasslin". 

I'll unveil them one at a time for awhile. 

I don't expect too many people to read this or give a rip, but I'm doing this for personal reasons.  I love to rate things and make lists....and wrestling was a big part of my entertainment growing up.   Even though I don't watch it any more, the memories are there.

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