Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On 2nd thought...I'll reveal them all at once...

I'm going to run through the list.  I don't have the patience to drag it out. 
Any comments are welcome and will be answered....Debates are also encouraged.  It's possible I forgot someone.  I put comments where I thought explanation might be needed.

Sometimes, my heart over ruled my head...sometimes, I stuck with my ratings.  It wasn't easy.

Here is my list of the Top 20 Pro Wrestlers of All Time....again, it's my list.  I limited it to wrestlers I enjoyed watching and who I respected somewhat.

Honorable Mention:  Ted Dibiase  (he was funny, could talk, and was a good performer)

#20  Mr. Wrestling #2  (Iconic look, smoother performer)

#19  Abdullah The Butcher (Icon)

#18  Andre The Giant (Icon)

#17  Kurt Angle  (he could talk well and was funny, extra points for being legitimate, put on a good show)

#16  Goldberg (quit early because he didn't want to be turned into a bad role model for kids in the WWE...wow.....great performer and good look).

#15  Bam Bam Bigelow (iconic look, tough, innovative for a big man to do high flying moves)

#14  Rob Van Damme (as entertaining as anyone, very innovative, under rated, good look.)

#13  Big Poppa Pump (extra points for look, legit wrestler)

#12  Kane  (big, bad, smart, very funny...stays prominent despite having to job a lot)

#11  The Rock (hilarious, good performer and talker)

#10  Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dude Love (looked like a sack of crap....he over came it)

#9   Steve Austin (hilarious, good performer and talker, innovative with catch phrases/shirts)

#8  Superstar Billy Graham (extra points for being innovative, he was copied by a lot of people)

#7  Dusty Rhodes (a legend, funny, loves to talk, good performer)

#6  Steven Regal (hilarious, good wrestler, good talker, very smart, good technique, British)

#5  Jake the Snake Roberts (the best talker in the business, invented the DDT)

#4  Randy Savage  (Icon, wild look, great performer)

#3 The Nature Boy Ric Flair (if he doesn't retire again, he's going to start to slip on this list). 

#2  Ravishing Ric Rude (extra points for "look", stayed a heel longer than anyone on this list)

#1  Rowdy Roddy Piper

(he's been too funny, too smart, too tough, too successful, too good at putting on a show, too good with the fans, too much of a party animal, to NOT have him #1.  He created Hulk Hogan because he made everyone hate Roddy Piper.   As for the "look"....leather jacket and a kilt.  Innovation?  He helped create the show within a show idea...Piper's Pit.  He attacked Cyndi Lauper back when she was big time.  He starred in one of my top 20 favorite movies. He admitted to taking a dive for Mr. T.   He was a smart, funny, strong, eloquent cocaine snorting Christian.  He's still with us today)

I had almost 50 people on this list before I started rating them.  I believe only 4 of these wrestlers are deceased....Andre The Giant, Bam Bam Bigelow, Randy Savage, Ric Rude).

If all these wrestlers were in a battle royal, I would find myself pulling for Steven Regal or Kane. 


  1. Well, I certainly can't argue with your number one as he's my all-time favorite. Good list. I was surprised you ranked RRR over Macho Man and Flair, but I wasn't really watching very much during his heyday. (Heydey? Hayday? I suddenly realized I don't know how that word is spelled). I will go to the Youtube. RVD and not Sabu? I agree that RVD is underrated.I am very happy that 10, 7, 4, 3 and 1 cracked your top ten. Angle does deserve his spot for being super-legit.
    Any particular RRR video I should consult on Youtube?

  2. Ric Rude was something else. I gave him a slight edge for not copying anyone (a la Ric Flair), having a one of a kind physique, and being a legit bad a$$. He used to be an arm wrestling champion. He stayed a heel for longer than anyone I know.

    Nash and X-pac tell a story about some huge dudes screwing them them after a performance in the parking lot. Before any of them could get out of the car to fight, Ric Rude hoped out and open hand slapped all of them, knocking them all unconscious.

    The last 5 were all very close.

    Sabu was crazy and violent, but I think Van Damme had more real moves and could have been a super star if he would have played the politics as hard as needed.

  3. ugh...sorry about the typos. Ric Rude hopped out....I had them used twice.

    Nash said that Ric Rude took care of them, nourished him, and loved him. Awwww..

  4. Nice. I sent my friends a link to your blog and thought they might comment here, but they did say some things on email:

    Nate: I like it and agree with the #1. I'd have to have Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Ultimate Warrior, and Coco Kaboom in mine.

    Amy: Ugh, Warrior, really?

    Kyle: Disagree on warrior. I was a big Jake The Snake fan. George "The Animal" Steele also. I think Andre The Giant needs moved to the top 5.