Thursday, August 29, 2013

College Football Picks, Week #1

Again, I got started with Facebook stuff in the busy Summer of All Stars, and neglected the blog. However, I love to record my College Football Picks. This season, I plan on picking 7 games and 3 straight up "upset" picks. So, that's 10 picks a week. In no order, the 7 picks are: Ohio State -35 vs Buffalo Ohio State is very good on both sides of the ball and Urban Meyer will not call off the dogs. I think they'll run the score up. Bama -20 vs Va Tech The Hokies have taken a step backwards. I don't see them as being very stable. They have to play Nick Saban. That's bad for them. Mississippi State + 12.5 vs Oklahoma State I think the Bulldogs will play physical and tough, and just be good enough to lose a close game on a big stage at a neurtal site. Gimme 12.5 points and I'll take them. UGA -1.5 vs Clemson I see this game as a 42-28 win for Georgia. Both teams have great offenses and unproven defenses. UGA's ability to run the ball and control the game will make the difference. I'll give up the 1.5 points. Louisville -21 vs Ohio Louisiville has a legitimately good team, with a dynamic offfense. They can't afford any hiccups because their schedule is pillow soft. Their QB is a potential Heisman candidate. That adds up to the Cardinal throwing early and often against the Bobcats. BYU -1 vs Virginia This has the potential to be a close game. I think BYU always over delivers. They play smart football. They may not have the best athletes, but the ones they have are all in the mid 20s due to going on mission trips. Virginia should win a game like this if they were a stable program. They aren't. I think BYU wins..maybe even comfortably. Giving up 1 points seems like taking candy from a baby. Arkansas -10.5 vs La Lafayette Arkansas isn't that far removed from being a top team in the SEC. They have a new coach, who will want to make a name for himself with physical play in his opener. I think he'll want to make a statement at home. I think he'll do so. Now the upset picks. Doing this is hard this week because their are so many lopsided games. I'll take Boise State over Washington, California over Northwestern, and Tulsa over Bowling Green.

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